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    E-mail: wtgl@wantongship.com

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    Zhejiang Wantong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. lies in the east of Zhejiang province, the economic development area of Taizhou. The company specializes in producing marine deck, including production, sales and service. It is the biggest scale of the same trade in Zhejiang province. The center with a fixed asset of 80 million yuan is equipped with 5 senior technicians and 12 intermediate technicians amongst of its 250 employees. Our company takes the novel technical designer...


    Hydraulic combined windlass Windlass Hydraulic single windlass(One drum) Hydraulic single windlass(two drum)
    Hydraulic single windlass(Double Shaft) Mooring winch Hydraulic combined mooring winch(Three Drum) Hydraulic combined mooring winch(Two Drum)
    Hydraulic single mooring winch(Two Drum) Hydraulic single mooring winch(One drum) Large Winches for engineering vessel(500KN) Hydraulic Shifting Yoke Steering Gear(Twin Rudders-Two cyclinders style)
    Hydraulic Shifting Yoke Steering Gear Twin Rudders-Two cyclinders style single rudders-two cyclinders style Hydraulic Shifting Yoke Steering Gear (single rudders-Four cyclinders style)
    single rudders-Four cyclinders style Crane Hydraulic Provisions Crane Hydraulic Hose Crane
    Hydraulic Cargo Crane(hydrocylinder amplitude) Hydraulic Cargo Crane hydrocylinder amplitude Hydraulic Cargo Crane(Winch amplitude)
    Winch amplitude Towing winch Hydraulic jib crane Hydraulic telescopic crane
    Hydraulic folding arm / telescopic crane Crane (cylinder luffing) Hoist (winch amplitude) Cantilever crane
    Friction winch Hydraulic winch Electric winch Engineering ship winch
    Hydraulic combined One drum two drum Double Shaft
    Three Drum Winches for engineering vessel 500KN Hydraulic Shifting Yoke Steering Gear (single rudders-two cyclinders style)
    Hydraulic Provisions Hydraulic Hose 液壓船貨起重機 Hatch cover
    Offshore High-speed Patrol Craft Coastal Defense Craft Offshore Armed Patrol Boat Offshore High Speed Patrol Boat
    Super High Speed Patrol Boat Coastal High-speed Patrol Boat Coastal Super High Speed Patrol Boat Maritime Salvage Patrol Boat
    Sea Police Super High Speed Patrol Boat Carrying A Smuggling Yacht High-speed Shipborne Smuggling Yacht Double Body High Speed Ship
    High Speed Shipboard Motorboat Yacht Frontier Law Enforcement Official Boat High Speed Shipboard Working Boat
    A High Speed Motorboat Shipboard Surveillance Motorboat High Speed Pilot Craft Coastal Deluxe Fishing Boat
    Offshore Fishing Boat Island Type Fishing Boat Free Landing Lifeboat Salvage Boat
    Full Closed Lifesaving And Salvage Boat Pressure Tank Lifeboat Inflatable Fender High Speed Salvage Craft High Speed Salvage Craft
    Open Type Fiberglass Lifeboat Free Landing Lifeboat Release Device One Arm Salvage Craft And Crane Hydraulic Rotary Crane And Raft Landing Gear
    Platform Hanger Platform Salvage Yacht Frame Type A Relief Boat Landing Gear Lifesaving Equipment
    Gravity Cross Deck Slipper Frame Gravity Inverted Arm Hanger Hydraulic Inverted Hanger Connecting Rod Type Hanger
    Electric Lifeboat Winch Electric Lifesaving And Salvage Winch



    Add: NO.680, Haichang Road, Binhai Industry Area, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China. 
    P.C.: 318000

    Marketing Department:  

    Marketing Department TEL: 86-576-89207521, 89207507
    Marketing Department FAX: 86-576-89207522
    Marketing Department E-Mail: wtxs@wantongship.com  wtft@wantongship.com

    Technology Department:  

    Technology TEL: 86-576-89207516
    Technology E-Mail: wtjs@wantongship.com

    Administration & HR Dept.:  

    Administration & HR Dept.TEL: 86-576-89207507
    Administration & HR Dept. FAX: 86-576-89207555
    Administration & HR Dept. E-Mail: wtgl@wantongship.com  

    ShangHai Office:  

    ShangHai Office Address: Room 1305, No.814-21 Zhongshan North Road, Shanghai City, China.
    TEL / FAX: 86-21-61471618

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